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Last chance to view #AACR20 sessions on demand:
Presentations and posters from the two AACR Virtual Annual Meetings will remain available through Wednesday, September 30. Access is free, but registration is required.
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Deadline: Oct 6
Fellows are invited to apply for the AACR-AstraZeneca START Grants. These three-year, $225,000 grants provide opportunity for fellows to research epigenetic or DNA damage response in cancer in both academia and industry. Apply today:

Windy Dean-Colomb and Lewis R. Roberts @MayoClinic will discuss "Cancer Clinical Trial Inclusion and Diversity: Challenges and Opportunities" in a session at the AACR virtual conference on Cancer Health Disparities, Oct 2-4. #AACRDisp20 @ColombDean https://t.co/we435wHuxR

Patient advocates:
Join us Thurs, Oct 1 for a Virtual Forum on #COVID19 and Cancer. Patients, scientists, and clinicians will discuss:
-Impact on cancer care and research
-Current state of COVID-19 science
-Development of COVID-19 treatments
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.@ConquerCancerFd will receive support in 2021 from @TapCancerOut, a nonprofit org intended to motivate and empower the Brazilian jiu-jitsu community to raise awareness and funds for cancer-fighting organizations #ASCOconnection

Conquer Cancer Donor Spotlight: Into the Ring With Tap Cancer Out

Conquer Cancer, the ASCO Foundation, will receive support in 2021 from Tap Cancer Out, a nonprofit organization intended to motivate and empower the B...


Deadline: October 5
Submit an abstract for the AACR conference on The Evolving Tumor Microenvironment in Cancer Progression, Jan 9-12, 2021.

We are proud to be named one of the world’s best cancer hospitals by @Newsweek. In its World’s Best Specialized Hospitals 2021 rankings, @DanaFarber came in as number 3 globally & the only hospital in New England to be ranked in the top 20 for #oncology: https://t.co/lZGTog5q2v

Our @AACR_CEO explains that cancer research is critical to delivering new lifesaving treatments, including innovative molecularly targeted therapies and immunotherapies, to patients with cancer. https://t.co/aZrDPV52gk #WorldCancerResearchDay #CancerProgressReport

Research has brought tremendous progress in screening and early detection of cancer, including tests for cancers of the breast, cervix, colon, and lung. https://t.co/xWsBGdXfTD #WorldCancerResearchDay #CancerScreening

Today, @AACRPres and #AACRFellows Antoni Ribas, MD, PhD, discussed the tremendous progress being made against cancer on a special #WorldCancerResearchDay virtual panel. Learn more on the #AACRBlog: https://t.co/iYgitIqrM4

Recent publications

Rhabdoid Tumors Are Sensitive to the Protein-Translation Inhibitor Homoharringtonine. Clin. Cancer Res.

Traditional Diagnostics versus Disruptive Technology: The Role of the Pathologist in the Era of Liquid Biopsy. Cancer Res.

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We’re pleased to share a new section on our site, “Our stories,” which will profile staff from the Belfer team. Our first story is Sarah Musoke (Nzikoba). Read Sarah’s story.


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Target identification and validation
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Our strategic alliances drive research innovations and lead to improved therapies to benefit cancer patients

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Donor highlight

Robert and Renée Belfer’s transformative cumulative Dana-Farber investment of more than $25 million launched the Robert A. and Renée E. Belfer Center for Applied Cancer Science. Their generosity enabled the Belfer Center to integrate its scientific teams, produce innovative cancer models, partner with industry leaders, and accelerate the development of revolutionary therapies to treat cancer. We are grateful for their vision and incredible support.

Photo of donors, Mr. and Mrs Belfer