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The Dark Web of Cancer: How Neutrophil Extracellular Traps Orchestrate Metastasis—
@megeblad will address this topic in a keynote session in memory of #AACRmet22 cochair Zena Werb at the AACR Conference on Cancer Metastasis (Nov 14-17, Portland, Oregon).

Female early-stage investigators are invited to apply for the Lustgarten Foundation-AACR Career Development Awards for Pancreatic Cancer Research, in Honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The application deadline for these three-year, $300,000 grants is Oct 18: https://t.co/wdyzqo98Xk

We support access to high-quality, trusted, physician-approved information on #CancerPrevention & #CancerScreening, which is now more widely available through @CancerDotNet's collaboration with @AmericanCancer. ➡️ https://t.co/sLub2O3G5p #WorldCancerResearchDay

On this #WorldCancerResearchDay we celebrate our new formal collaboration with @AORTIC_Africa to advance #CancerResearch in Africa. 🌍 https://t.co/MNkPtZaGc3 @jrgralow

Today is #WorldCancerResearchDay. Research-driven advances in cancer care are highlighted in the new AACR #CancerProgressReport 2022: https://t.co/xZmr3Lhqsn #WCRD2022

This #WorldCancerResearchDay, we celebrate the importance of cancer research and promote the importance of—and critical need for—equity & diversity in #cancerresearch and training. ➡️ https://t.co/MXPJ8W8B6a #globonc @jrgralow

Check out our rapid guideline update on #PARPinhibitors in the management of #OvarianCancer: https://t.co/yaH3jQMWO8 #gyncsm

Our upcoming #ASCOQLTY22 symposium will feature more than 230 abstracts on the topic of “Health Care Access, Equity, and Disparities.” https://t.co/ONiaLxZASj

#ICYMI: This report from @drsanjaygupta and @CNNnewsroom highlights the remarkable progress being made against cancer thanks to research, including the 32% reduction in cancer death rates since 1991. #CancerProgressReport

Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains why cancer death rates in the US are falling steadily - CNN Video

More people are surviving cancer than ever before in the US, according to a new report from the American Association for Cancer Research. CNN's chief ...


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MET-induced CD73 restrains STING-mediated immunogenicity of EGFR-mutant lung cancer.
Cancer Res. 2022 Sep 6

Quinazolinones as allosteric fourth-generation EGFR inhibitors for the treatment of NSCLC.
Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2022 Jul 15.

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Robert and Renée Belfer’s transformative cumulative Dana-Farber investment of more than $25 million launched the Robert A. and Renée E. Belfer Center for Applied Cancer Science. Their generosity enabled the Belfer Center to integrate its scientific teams, produce innovative cancer models, partner with industry leaders, and accelerate the development of revolutionary therapies to treat cancer. We are grateful for their vision and incredible support.

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