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Academic alliances

The Belfer Center collaborates with academic physician/scientists who are conducting basic and translational oncology research and clinical studies.

Examples of these collaborations include:

Ovarian patient-derived xenograft (PDX) development with Gynecology Oncology (U. Matulonis and J. Liu)

Platform uses:

  • Conduct studies guiding translation of novel-novel combinations to clinical trials
  • Delineate mechanisms of resistance through Next Gen sequencing and CNV analysis

Platform details:

  • Clinically annotated, luciferized ovarian PDX platform
  • Clinically relevant disease presentation
  • Molecular characterization: BROCA panel, CNV, qPCR, FISH and IHC
  • BRCA wt and mt models available
  • Models suitable for drug efficacy studies
  • Surrogate mouse plasma biomarkers (CA125 and LINE-1) established 

Lung patient-derived xenograft (PDX) development with Thoracic Oncology (P. Janne)

Platform aims:

  • Establish clinically annotated and relevant drug resistant lung PDX models
    • EGFR mt or rare new mutations or unknown genotypes
  • Discovery of additional mechanisms of resistance to TKI inhibition
  • Discovery of next-generation therapies altering or delaying onset of TKI resistance
  • Responder ID

PDX model development:

  • Success with Pleural Effusion, core biopsy, and surgical samples
  • Internal program: 12 models are banked, 2 in expansion/banking stage

Protein destabilization platform (with W. Kaelin)

Platform capabilities:

  • Co-developed novel protein fusion platform to monitor changes in protein stability after treatment with drugs or genetic manipulations
    • ID novel biomarkers for clinical agents
    • Uncover novel mechanisms to target classically undruggable oncogenes
    • Screening small molecule libraries for oncogene-destabilization activity